Tiny Cliffs

by Audrey Maag

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released July 23, 2012



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Audrey Maag California

Just a college student making some tunes.

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Track Name: I'll Give Up
Affection really isn’t my strong suit
I try so hard to appease you
But all of this can’t be my fault
When it took thirty one days to tell me what you want

Too fast? Babe, you’re going way too slow
If I wanted to crawl I would’ve done that long ago
This whole taking your time thing, has got to speed up
I’ll give up, soon enough, I’ll give up

It’s not a lack of effort on my part
It’s a little bit more complicated than that
If you want, you can blame it all on me
I don’t care anymore, I hope that’s something you can see
Track Name: Cut The Line
I don’t know how to say this to you
But we’re taking this too far, way too far
I can’t get through to your mind
You seem like you don’t have the time, to talk to me

Are we getting there?
Oh I’ll make it there

You and me are obviously
The two people, not meant to be
We see each other, half of the time
So please make this easy, and cut the line

I saw you, with another girl
Your intentions are horrible
You know how to make my stomach twirl
You try to talk your way out
But you’re not winning this time, not this time
Track Name: Another Fight
Can you hear me?
‘Cause I feel like I’m screaming
A constellation could hear me from here

Are you awake now?
‘Cause I feel like I’ve been up for hours
Couldn’t sleep through my tears

Another fight, won’t begin to describe
How I know, this should end
And if I wait, for the pain to subside
My broken heart, will never mend

Can you feel me
‘Cause I feel like I’m leaving
I can’t distinguish far or near

Are you ready?
‘Cause I can’t stand being needy
I’m so filled with this fear
Track Name: The New Year
New eyes, only looking for good
Shut out the negatives, like I know I should
New perspective, fresh clean start
Don't judge by feeling, I'm gonna be smart

Because what's coming up, holds great things
I've got hope in what the future brings
It's not a matter of time, far or near
I'm beyond ready, to start the new year

Keeping my head held high, my chin up
Had my share of downs, it was more than enough
I can only try and look forward
Stop wishing, execute, and get more
Track Name: Blank Stares
The daily repetition of the life you’re living in
Has leveled you down and it’s sinking in
I won’t hold back, wait for you to take a stand
‘Cause it won’t happen, you’re not even half a man

You get too lost in your blank stares
Singing if you were king, would you go anywhere?
Too close to home, is no adventure at all
Would you jump from the tower, if you knew it would fall?

An amazing offer yields a polite decline
As the days pass you by
It’s no wonder I can’t handle seeing this
You’ve managed to become a grade a pessimist
Track Name: Only Person
Put on that grin
Happiness will come from deep within
I know from experience
And if you listen closely
I will give you all the tips
You need to succeed

Doesn’t matter, what anybody says
Listen to that person in your head, instead
Second hand judgment will always be beat
I’m telling you, you’re the only person you need
You’re the only person you need

Bear those teeth
Confidence will come from underneath
You’ll need to wait and see
Open that heart
Love will pour in from the start
Let your fears run free
Track Name: Meteor
Pain crashes through like a meteor to the earth
Splintered bones and broken hearts scattered through the dirt
Convincing lies make you thing you’re wrong
But I’ll tell you the truth

This pain is temporary
Better yet, time is always on your side
Hold your breath, the answers always vary
And you get to decide
Go on, let your courage keep your grounded
No one will leave, you won’t be abandoned
And when life hands you tiny cliffs
Hold on tight, strength will let you live
Track Name: Erase Me
It’s not a matter of yes or no
It’s an observation saying you need to let go
My pulse quickens if you are near
Thought it was from excitement, you were wrong my dear

Pretty please, don’t take this the wrong way
But I cringe, every time you say
You’re meant for me, it’s destiny
If it was like that, then why do I want to leave?

I can’t be honest enough
Information that’s simple, became too tough
To comprehend
Madness takes over, this shit will never end
Track Name: On Your Shoulder
Compatible? No way that can describe
This relationship is a sick, twisted ride
But you won't get off and you won't move on
This has gone on for far too long

This time, it's on your shoulder
It's up to you, prove you're over
Me, I'm over this, I'm over you
And I'm onto someone new

Oh oh, I see what you're saying
Just kidding, I think you're straying
You won't get off and you won't move on
This has gone on for far too long
Track Name: All Alone
The push and the pull is what its all about
I’m aware things are getting better now
But it’s not good enough, you’re not a perfectionist
The words I want to hear won’t fall from your lips

I want to grab you by the shoulders
Shake the truth out of your bones
Even though I think I know
I’m quite sure I’ll be left alone

Skeptical, you’re right that’s me
I won’t deny what I can clearly see
But it’s the knowledge I want to obtain
Only good enough until I hear your explain
Track Name: Conquer & Divide
Sometimes it only takes three seconds on your life
To figure out where your priorities lie
All the trials you put yourself through
Are only a line crossed off of things you need to do

Oh your body cries out for a sense of home
All this moving around has left you alone
At the end of the day, you seem satisfied
Try to conquer and divide

The real problem is sitting right outside your doorstep
Things you look over and quickly forget
How come the important things seem to come in last?
Better savor this moment, it’ll leave fast
Track Name: Blessed
Too long, I’ve gone through, a many days
Haven’t learned a thing through my wicked ways
I’ve wasted hours and hours on things I don’t need

And I’m blessed to be alive
And I’m happy to crack a smile
And I won’t take this for granted, no
I won’t take this for granted anymore

Poor choices, they don’t matter now
I’m an open book, I’ll shout it to a crowd
My life can change if I want it to